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Our Partner have been designing and building steam turbines to the highest technical standards for over a century, to meet clients’ various application needs. High performance, reliability and quality are theirs cornerstones.
Through a long experience, they can offer comprehensive, innovative solutions to the market. They provide energy-generation, mechanical-drive, marine-propulsion and combined-cycle applications.

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Supply of Steam Turbines

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New Steam Turbines


Today our partners are one of the most important reference in production of energy from steam for:

  • Food Production
  • Cement Works
  • Steel Plants
  • Sugar Mills
  • Waste-Treatment
  • Biomass And Cogeneration Plants
  • Nautical Word
  • Oil Refineries
  • Paper Mills

Products Range


Machines are available with power outputs of up to 50,000 KW, steam inlet conditions of up to 140bar/540 C, and rotational speeds of 3,000-13,000 rpm.

Type F Series TVR/THR MS-VS 36 45 50 56 60 70 80 100
Controlled Extraction
Multi Stage
Multi Valve
Single Stage
Single Valve
Indicative Power (kw) 1,500 300 / 4,000 4,000 9,000 8,000 16,000 25,000 21,000 26,000 35,000 50,000
Typical Speed (rpm) 5,000 / 8.000 6,700 / 18,000 11,000 13,000 11,000 8,200 9,000 7,200 6,300 5,200 4,200

Fully designed and built in Italy in Riva Trigoso, Steam Turbines combine long experience, state-of-the-art- technology and the continuous feed-back and support of its worldwide customers for non-stop improvement.

The Steam Turbine design concept is modular, and design can be customized in each detail according to the customers requirements with constant support of its engineers and technicians.

It means:

  • The production is not a series production, but an ON DEMAND one.
  • All of the products could be “tailored made”.
  • Thinking of quality is better than quantity.

Steam turbine covers the complete power range from 100 kW up to 50 MW.

Applications are suitable either for power generation or for mechanical drive (single stage/multistage) i.e. pumps, compressors, fans driving.