Who we are?

About Us

Nik Ferdos Milan, in partnership with some of the most important European companies, has the most up-to-date knowledge and technology as well as the most experienced technicians in providing solutions for the industrial processes in water and water treatment field and for the selling, the installation and the maintaining of steam turbines and the related systems.
Nik Ferdos Milan is constantly involved in developing of important steps in the research, design and supply of services for the costumers of all the industrial sectors, in the oil and petrochemical fields as well as the food factories and energy production.

Field of Activities



TM.I.P. is part of Termomeccanica Group, is responsible for the design and construction of industrial process & chemical products

Other Partners


Designing and building steam turbines ,spare parts, valves and a type of pumps to the highest technical standards for over a century



Steam turbines mechanics and installations range, as turboaltenators and turbocompressors between 500Kw to 60MW



Fildrop is a manufacturer with significant experience in field of  water treatment equipment & has packaging for water and wastewater treatment systems